Other Consular Services

1. Renunciation of Citizenship

General Requirements:

If you wish to renounce your citizenship you should submit the Embassy documents listed below with your application form C11, which your Lawyer, Notary or local authority should authenticate.   (Note that origional documents are required).  Failure to  produce the appropriate documents may lead to a  delay in your application.

– Warranty of Naturalisation and certified translation in English.  (applicable only to Gambia citizens in Germany ).
-Origional Passport.
-Fee of €85 (eighty-five euros).

2. Emergency Passports (only valid for one month).

3. Legalisation of documents.

4. Insertions/Corrections of documents.

5. Insertions/Rectification of documents.

Note:  Renewal of passports can only be done in The Gambia.