Can drugs be carried into or out of The Gambia?

Drugs that are being carried into and within The Gambia by visitors should be supported by an original prescription letter from a qualified Physician registered in their country of residence by the Medical and Dental Council.

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has an approved essential drugs list (click here to consult) that can be allowed entry into The Gambia and can be subjected to verification at all points on entry of The Gambia. Carriers of such drugs are hereby advised to be in possession of an original medical/statement and within reach whenever asked by Gambian authorities for justification. This document must clearly state the:

  • Name of the physician, identification registration number in healthcare and professional address;
  • Name of the patient, address, date of birth and passport number;
  • Name of the doctor and pharmacy;
  • Reasons of the prescription;
  • Names of the medications and dosage per day.
  • The document must bear visible stamps of the physician(s) and doctor(s) mentioned.
  • A visible authentication stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the certificate was issued.

Please, note that the dose must correspond to the duration of stay in the Gambia and carriers are encouraged to carry copies of previous prescriptions of the same drug.

It is significant to note that the abuse of drug, illicit drug trafficking and related crimes threaten National and Global Sustainable Development. The Gambia through the Drug Law Enforcement Agency (DLEAG), fondly called the Drug Squad, is committed to curbing the menace posed by prohibited and illicit drugs. Be advised that Gambia has strong anti-drug laws prohibiting the manufacture, import, export, supply, transport or transfer, use, acquire or possession of a prohibited or controlled drug. Some relevant Provisions Of The Drug Control Act 2003 as amended in 2005 can kindly be consulted via this link;

Kindly be informed that the Drug Law Enforcement Agency (DLEAG) is an independent security institution tasked with the enforcement of the Drug Control Act (DCA) 2003 as amended.

For more information, contact the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare on (+220) 4228624/5715 and the DLEAG on (+220)4399706/7 or via e-mail:

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